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Welcome to You Know!

Let’s start with some introductions…

You Know! is the first online platform that allows travelers to book and live the best boat trips and sea experiences in Europe. It all began in Sorrento in 2011 with the idea of Enrico Manzi, a lifelong sea lover, who wanted to introduce travelers to a different side of the island of Capri starting from a few simple premises: tours by sea, small groups on board, exclusive customer benefits, excellent tour guides and unique experiences. That simple formula has worked so well that we have been able to become one of the most specialized companies in the field of sea excursions throughout Europe, thanks to an international network of selected partners, verified experiences and, most of all, a young and dynamic team with a simple goal: to provide their guests with unforgettable boat experiences, the highlight of their vacation! Today, more than a million travellers have used You Know! to turn their travel dreams into reality. And we’re just getting started.

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We love the sea

At You Know! the sea is our only belief and our greatest passion. It is here that our job is born and our tours come to life. For more than ten years You Know! has been committed to offering travelers unforgettable boating experiences in the best European destinations, giving its guests the best day of their vacation.

We do our best for our customers

At You Know!, we believe that our guests are the cornerstone of our work: every single client who chooses us is paving the way that led us here; every feedback, positive and especially negative, makes us better; and every smile and "thank you" at the end of the day confirms that we are doing well. For this reason, we always remain true to the mantra: “Only the best for our clients”, creating and offering the best possible experiences and the most qualified guides, taking care of the smallest details of each individual tour and accompanying the client from the moment of booking until the moment he greets us.

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We offer unique experiences

A You Know! tour is the result of thorough research, detailed planning and a lot of creativity to ensure unique and always new experiences, impossible to find elsewhere. Each year we launch new tours in top destinations, as well as re-think our current range to further improve our customers’ experience. No matter what the tour, we always strive to make sure your boating experiences in Europe’s best destinations are unique and unforgettable.

We go off the beaten track

At You Know!, we are convinced that the authenticity and beauty of unexplored places are of crucial importance in ensuring a quality boating experience, regardless of the strength of a destination’s tourist flow. For this reason, we support under tourism and choose “alternative” destinations to be discovered, far from chaos and crowds, which preserve intact their natural and landscape treasures.

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We aim for sustainability

You Know! is committed to sustainability, in order to offer more ethical and responsible services and to guarantee our experiences at sea have the minimal environmental and social impact. With the project You Know! Green Echo, we have started an intense journey and worked hard to create a change of greater impact: from developing of eco-compatible solutions, choosing of materials with low environmental impact, the digital innovation of the entire production chain and the collaboration on projects and initiatives aimed at safeguarding the oceans. Our concrete sustainable actions and goals include the elimination of single-use plastics, the launch of two boats with hybrid technology engines, sustainable sourcing and training programmes in more sustainable practices for all of our teams.

We believe in small groups

All You Know! tours are designed and created to accommodate a small group of participants. A choice that over time has become a cardinal principle that unites all the experiences offered. The small size of the groups guarantees a personal and customized approach, ensures that the quality standards on board are respected, creates empathy, complicity, understanding among the participants, and above all makes everyone on board feel special.

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We have expert guides

We take pride in the quality of our You Know! guides and skippers. Each one is carefully chosen for their personability, expertise, and relentless passion for the sea and each of them grows every year thanks to refresher and training courses. We are constantly working with them to perfect the customer experience and better understand their interests and needs. We are sure that our guests could not be in better hands: the guides and skippers of You Know! will do everything to make the boat experience unforgettable. But don't take our word for it, their names feature prominently in thousands of our high-ranking reviews.

We are here for you

At You Know!, customer service is one of our top priorities. Our team is always available to answer any questions, clarify any doubts or solve any problems that may arise before, after or during the tour.

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