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1. Scope

You Know! S.r.l. (VAT reg.06847261218) with registered office in Sant’Agnello (NA) at Via M.B. Gargiulo 16, is engaged in the management of hiring and leasing of boats and vessels and additionally, is a travel agency – license no. 494190 – operating an online booking platform for products and services published on the website www.youknowboat.com. The use of the online booking platform of the website www.youknowboat.com (hereinafter referred to as “The Website” or “You Know!”) is subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

The user who contracts and books any type of offer or service advertised on the site fully and without reservation accepts these general terms and conditions as well as the Privacy Policy of our website. We therefore invite you to read these general terms and conditions carefully.

You Know! S.r.l. is the owner of the website www.youknowboat.com through which it enables the booking of tourist and/or excursion services, also offered by third parties, or the hiring and/or leasing of pleasure craft, of which it is the owner or which are owned by third parties.
To ensure that the customer is always satisfied, You Know! S.r.l. undertakes to resolve amicably all problems that may arise during the use of the services offered, inviting the user to do the same and to contact us at info@youknowboat.com.

2. Subject of the service

The website www.youknowboat.com provides an online platform for customers to select tourist and/or excursion services, or hire and/or leasing of pleasure craft published on the site and intended as an “invitation to offer”.

The platform allows the customer, once they have completed the online form with the data required by the software, to make a proposal to purchase the selected service or product. The offer will be deemed validly sent when the customer/user has made the required payment.

The system will immediately generate an electronic voucher for the requested service or product, in which it will be specified that the offer is not yet accepted because You Know! S.r.l. or the third party service provider may freely decline the offer within the next 48 hours, and return the amount paid by the customer/user if there is no longer any availability for the selected service or product or if the customer/user has not respected the parameters of this agreement.

Each service or product published on the website will state whether it is offered directly by You Know! S.r.l. or by a third party.

In the event that the service or product selected by the customer/user is offered directly by You Know! S.r.l. then once the reservation has been lifted within the following 48 hours, the agreement will be deemed to have been concluded directly between You Know! S.r.l. and the user. Otherwise, if the selected service provider is a third party (specifically stated), You Know! S.r.l. will only provide an intermediation service between the final provider of the services or products and the users. Therefore, using the Booking Platform at www.youknowboat.com, the end user making the service reservation will send an offer directly to the third party and, if the reservation is lifted by this latter within the next 48 hours, a binding agreement will enter into force.

It is understood that if the customer/user of the platform opts for the selection of a product provided by a third party, You Know! S.r.l. assumes no responsibility for the exact performance of the services due by the final service provider, who shall therefore remain solely liable in the event of non-performance or inexact performance of the services due to the end user with whom they have contracted an agreement through the use of the platform referred to on www.youknowboat.com.
All information and photographs shown on the website are provided by the supplier of the product and/or service. Therefore, end service providers are fully and exclusively responsible for the information they publish, and are liable for the truthfulness and incompleteness of same.

3. Booking

Without prejudice to that stated in Article 2, users who make a booking via www.youknowboat.com establish a direct and binding contract with You Know! S.r.l. in all cases where the product and service are offered directly by You Know! S.r.l.; otherwise the contractual relationship will be deemed to have been entered into with the provider of the chosen service or product.

Every booking request made through our Online Booking System is processed and forwarded to the final service provider.

The platform referred to at www.youknowboat.com sends the user a booking confirmation e-mail, on behalf of the product and/or service provider, containing a voucher for the use of the product and/or service. The voucher will specify that the provider of the service or product may, within the next 48 hours from the time of the reservation, confirm or not confirm it. In the event that no communication is received by the user within the next 48 hours, the contract shall be deemed to have been concluded as proposed via the platform. Otherwise, You Know! S.r.l, either directly or in the interest of the supplier, if the booked product or service is no longer available, may cancel the reservation, without prejudice to the return of the price paid by the user/customer and without this latter being able to claim anything by way of indemnity or compensation or otherwise.

4. Booking methods

Booking a product or service is simple and is done as follows:

  1. The user must select the required service and check all the conditions (including the final price and cancellation conditions);
  2. Select the date to secure the booking of the service;
  3. Complete the form with the required data;
  4. Make payment in the prescribed manner.

In the event that the user provides incorrect or outdated information, You Know! S.r.l. reserves the right to suspend or delete them from the service and to prevent any future use of the system.

Once the booking has been made, the user accept all the terms and conditions stated, including the conditions concerning cancellation of the booking; the user also subscribes to these general terms and conditions in full.

Should the booking and payment of the service fail, You Know! S.r.l. will notify the user of the problem encountered and, where possible, provide the necessary information on how to proceed with the booking and payment.

The booking request made by the customer is valid as a contractual proposal and is therefore not yet to be regarded as a valid contract.

The proposal thus formulated will be properly processed by You Know! S.r.l., which will immediately forward it to the end service provider. After which, You Know! S.r.l., upon receipt of acceptance by the end provider, will send the user a booking confirmation e-mail or confirmation voucher within 48 hours of the booking on behalf of the end provider of the service. From that time on, the user and the supplier will be legally bound by the concluded contract.

If, on the other hand, You Know! S.r.l. cannot, confirm the user’s booking request for reasons of the supplier’s availability, it will reimburse the user for the amounts paid up to that point and nothing else shall be due to the user for any reason and/or title.

5. Rates

All rates published on www.youknowboat.com are full amounts and are inclusive of any applicable statutory charges and other accessory amounts, as required by law (including VAT), unless otherwise indicated in the offer itself. The final price is also calculated on the basis of the information provided by the user (e.g. days, number of passengers, etc.) and must be paid to You Know! S.r.l. in the manner required (e.g. debit/credit card, iDEAL, Sofort, etc.). You Know! S.r.l. will proceed to collect the amount due on its own behalf or on behalf of the final supplier if a third party.

At the time of booking, the customer will be charged the full amount of the final price.

In the event that the service or product is provided by a third party, the price paid by the consumer/user will be deemed to include all charges: in fact, the intermediation service provided by You Know! S.r.l. is completely at the expense of the suppliers of the end product and/or service, who will pay a percentage of the price paid by the user, while it is completely free of charge for the end user.

6. Privacy Policy

All data and other personal information recorded are processed in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation (Lgs. Decree 196/2003) and our Privacy Policy, as provided on the website.

7. Cancellation

If the user cancels an activity, the cancellation conditions stated in the product description as well as on the voucher will apply. You Know! S.r.l. invites the user to carefully read the information in the product description.

Unless there are different cancellation conditions in the product description, You Know! S.r.l. will charge the following cancellation fees in the event of user cancellation:

  • up to 24 hours before the start of the activity: full reimbursement
  • less than 24 hours before the start of the activity and in case of no-show: no refund

Some published offers do not provide for the possibility of cancellation or, in any case, do not offer any possibility of refund in the event of cancellation of the booking or no-show on the agreed date and time.

The provider may cancel the activity on the agreed date without notice in the event that weather conditions, official measures, strikes or other unforeseeable and unavoidable external conditions (first and foremost due to force majeure) make the performance of the activity impossible or make it considerably more difficult or put it at risk. In such cases the price paid will be refunded.

Furthermore, the supplier reserves the right to make non-essential changes to the programme where necessary for unforeseeable or unavoidable reasons. Further or different conditions can be found in the respective offers.

8. Miscellaneous

Unless otherwise stated, the software required to provide our services, made available or used by our website, and the content of the materials on our website are the property of You Know! S.r.l., its suppliers, or providers.

Our activities and services are governed by Italian law and any dispute will be exclusively settled, depending on the value, by the Justice of the Peace of Sorrento (NA) or the Court of Torre Annunziata (NA), identified on the basis of the registered office of You Know! S.r.l.

9. Complaints

For any complaints or problems encountered in connection with the use of the services provided by You Know! S.r.l. please send an email to info@youknowboat.com.

10. Effectiveness of these conditions

You Know! S.r.l. may unilaterally amend these general terms and conditions at any time. Changes will be communicated to the user by email and will be available on the website (www.youknowboat.com/en/terms-conditions/). In the event of a unilateral change to the agreement, users whose bookings are still outstanding will be granted the right to withdraw from the agreement for a period of 15 days from the notification of the change and/or its publication on the website.


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