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      Santorini, among the undisputed protagonists of the Cyclades archipelago, is a unique place especially for its geological conformation. In fact, the volcanic island following a violent eruption, sinking below sea level, acquired its present half-moon shape... Whether it’s for its history, the landscapes it offers, or the entertainment…everyone who passes through here is fascinated. Among the wonders of Santorini, undoubtedly you cannot miss its beaches. If you’re curious, you’ll find that each of them has its own peculiarities, but what they have in common is the fact that they are protected like a treasure chest by the island.

      Red Beach

      Although not famous for its sand, Santorini offers some wonderful beaches strictly dark, since this island has volcanic origins. My favourite, as well as the most famous, is undoubtedly the Red Beach. It’s an equipped but small beach so if you don’t want to miss a dive surrounded by the reddish rocks, I suggest you reach this location early in the morning and choose the right spot for you.

      White Beach

      From Red Beach you can reach one of the most beautiful and spectacular places of Santorini: White Beach. So called because of the white cliffs that surround it, it gives the sand a different colour than you would expect from a volcanic island. White Beach in fact is the only beach of Santorini to have white sand an d is accessible only by sea through a boat service that starts from red Beach. You definitely can’t miss this scenario!

      Kamari and Perissa

      Kamari is a resort on the east coast of Santorini and renowned for being the most beautiful promenade on the island: black sand, open-air cinema and promenade with several cafes. Mostly suitable for families with children, Kamari is also one of the cheapest destinations chosen by young people staying in the area.

      From here, through a path, it is possible to reach another seaside resort: Perissa. Here you will have at your disposal 8 km of beach where you can walk and admire the white houses with their unmistakable Greek style and enjoy the tranquillity of this place.

      Cape Colombo

      Also known as Kolumbus Beach, is definitely one of the most peaceful places in Santorini, suitable for those who want a secluded place away from the crowds of tourists. It is located on the northeast coast of the island, surrounded by grey cliffs, full of pebbles and dark sand. If you want to spend a few hours surrounded only by the sound of the sea, you just have to reach Capo Colombo and relax.


      The only way to swim in the waters of the east coast of Santorini is to reach the bay of Ammoudi. As this side of the island is occupied by the caldera it is virtually impossible to find a beach and Ammoudi is the only exception. It is reached by a staircase of 300 steps from the town of Oia. It will be a real discovery to reach this bay especially for lovers of good food as you will find a wide range of excellent restaurants to taste the typical specialities of the island and strictly based on fish.

      Vlychada Beach

      Like White Beach, this beach is an exception to the dark colours typical of Santorini’s beaches. In fact, Vlychada Beach is also characterised by white rocks particularly sculpted by wind and sea that over the years have given it a shape of a crescent giving it the nickname of “Moon Beach”. Mostly suitable for snorkelling lovers, the sea bottom of Moon Beach is full of fish with many colours and a wide variety of species… Treat yourself to a swim in these wonderful waters and if you have time I recommend you to stop here until sunset taking advantage of the promenade for a romantic walk.

      Whether you want to immerse yourself among the people or if you are looking for tranquillity during your holiday, the island of Santorini is the right place for you. Choosing to enjoy only one of the beaches of Santorini is not easy, so if your holiday allows you to discover more corners of this island then my advice is to allow yourself a stop at each of the most beautiful beaches of Santorini!

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