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      Praia da Rocha is a seaside resort in Portugal located near the city of Portimão, in the Algarve region, on the country's southern Atlantic coast. In the summer, it turns into one of the liveliest and most hectic cities in Portugal, and its 2 km long beach makes it one of the most popular tourist centers. If you plan to focus your vacation on the sea and fun, Praia da Rocha is the place for you, characterized by wonderful crystal clear waters and amusement parks.

      Places to discover

      Praia da Rocha, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve, is a wide strip of sand where imposing ochre-colored cliffs and the small Fortaleza da Santa Catarina form the backdrop. The Fortaleza of Praia da Rocha is now a magnificent viewpoint over the city, the river and the sea, which acquires a special charm at sunset time. From here you can also see the beaches lying on the eastern side, starting with Praia dos Três Castelos, the beaches of Praia dos Careanos, Vau, Barranco das Canas, João d'Arens, Prainha and Três Irmãos. At the end, there is the sandy expanse of Praia do Alvor and the Ria, a lagoon area important for water bird observation.

      Amusement parks in Praia da Rocha

      In addition to its characteristic places to visit, Praia da Rocha, as I told you, is also guaranteed fun. There are many different amusement parks, suitable for children, but also for adults. A short distance from the center, about 9 km, you will find the Slide and Splash, which is undoubtedly one of the things to do during your vacation in Portugal. There are a multitude of attractions here, all to try, and many games to keep the kids entertained for the entire day. There is a mini park for children, where they can play in the water in complete safety, while for adults looking for a bit of relaxation, the park offers a swimming pool, a whirlpool and several green spaces with deckchairs and sunbeds.

      Another amusement park a little further away, is the Aquashow Park, famous for being one of the largest in Europe. The Aquashow Park is a huge complex that also contains a hotel, where you can stay during your vacation. Inside the hotel there is also a Spa where you can relax, leaving the little ones in complete safety in the area dedicated to them. One of the main attractions of the water park is undoubtedly the wave pool, an environment that recreates real sea waves. But that's not all... experience the thrill with the incredible 32-meter high Free Fall/Kamikaze: a combination of 2 slides that gives you the feeling of surfing a huge wave. And again, the Water Coaster, a real water roller coaster among the largest in Europe, which reaches a speed of 70 km/h. Here too, you can enjoy the whole day alternating between fun and relaxation.

      Favorable climate, fantastic sea, amusement parks and a lively nightlife, with restaurants and bars, make Praia da Rocha the ideal place for your vacation made of sea and fun! To fully enjoy the beauty of this place, my advice is to look at it from different angles. Starting, absolutely, with the beaches, continuing with the amusement parks...

      Lastly, some areas along the coast are accessible only by sea, and it is for this reason that you could think of a boat trip going to discover hidden bays from the characteristic rock formations, admiring this wonderful scenery all around.

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