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Campania, land of sun, sea and culture, since ancient times has been distinguished for its unique culinary heritage. Not only food but also drinks, just think of the limoncello and fine wines that come from the local countryside… If you are a lover of good food and wine, choose to visit Campania by indulging in a nice food and wine tour in this rich region. The wine itineraries in the province of Naples range from the sunny mountains of Vesuvius to the Campi Flegrei, passing through the Monti Lattariand reaching the Sorrento Peninsula, touching the islands of Ischia and Capri with terraced vineyards overlooking the sea.

Between the Vesuvian crater and the ruins of ancient Pompeii, live a unique experience made of nature and emotions, taste and traditions starting with a walk through the vineyards, admiring the view that embraces the Gulf of Naples, Sorrento and the island of Capri. It is thanks to the presence of Vesuvius and its mineral-rich soil that the vine, imported in antiquity by the Greeks, grows luxuriantly giving high quality grapes, thus making Campania one of the first and most important “centres” of settlement, cultivation and spread of the vine and wine in the world.

Food and wine experience at the foot of Vesuvius

The slopes of the volcano are the ideal place for a food and wine stop where wine, cuisine and territory are linked to the passion for Lacryma Christi, the wine that comes from this land. It is undoubtedly one of the best known in the world, although each winery suggests its own version with different taste expressions. My favourite version of Lacryma Christi is definitely that of the Sorrento company, with a strong flavour and pleasantly sparkling.

It is possible to take part in food and wine tours in different wineries and experience the 360° experience inside the wineries of the Vesuvian territory: Bosco de Medici, Sorrentino, Cantine Ferraro, Cantina del Vesuvio, are just some of the wineries where it is possible to participate in different foo d and wine experiences. Participating in a similar experience will allow you to discover the local production methods and guided by an expert sommelier you can start your tasting of excellent wines by discovering the best pairing with the typical specialities of this little paradise on the slopes pot Vesuvius. Not only…You can choose to visit the vineyards on a relaxing horseback ride, enjoy a dinner at sunset or even take part in a "Cooking class" and discover the secrets of Campania’s cuisine

Vesuvius National Park and Pompeii

A day lived entirely in the name of nature and culture… after a moment of relaxation, program your route considering to reach the crater of Vesuvius. Vesuvius is a volcano located in a dominant position with respect to the Gulf of Naples and is one of the two active volcanoes in continental Europe, as well as one of the most studied and dangerous in the world due to the high population of the surrounding areas and its explosive characteristics. When you reach the highest part of the crater, you can’t help but stop and look at your surroundings, enjoying a 360° panorama of the entire volcanic system.

And if seeing it from above is not enough for you, choose to go to the archaeological site of Pompeii. Together with the excavations of Herculaneum and Oplonti, it is a part of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the third most visited state museum in Italy, thanks to the millions of visitors who have always chosen to visit it. Remaining stationary in her last moments of life in 79 A.D. following the eruption of Vesuvius, buried under a thick layer of ash and papilla, it was rediscovered in 1748. Since then, with the beginning of its archaeological excavations, it has been possible to bring to light a perfect cross-section of Roman life of inestimable value. Choose the best way to plan your itinerary, dedicating the necessary time to each stage, experiencing 360° something original, encompassing these many aspects in a single day.

You might think to participate in one of our boat tours that allow you to live this experience away from the crowds of tourists and on board of a typical "gozzo sorrentino" with an expert guide and skipper who will accompany you throughout your day between the Sorrento coast, Pompeii and Vesuvius.

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Maria Grazia Funel

Born in 1989
Coming from Southern Italy, I cannot help but love the sea and, more generally, everything about travels and new places to discover. My perfect day? A beach, at sunset, in good company, with a nice bottle of wine!


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