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typical greek plaits not to loose

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      Naxos is a Greek island in the South Aegean Sea, as well as the largest island in the Cyclades. Its vast territory offers its visitors a thousand-year history, ancient ruins, crystal clear watering, long beaches, but at the same time, visiting Naxos also means enjoying a variety of culinary choices. So if you decide to leave for a holiday in one of the beautiful Greek islands and you want to delight your palate too, my advice is to take advantage of the island of Naxos and discover the traditional flavours of the place

      Here are the 5 typical local dishes that you can not miss, especially in the summer season: fresh and light dishes (almost all...) that will delight you on the hottest days of your Greek summer.


      The pita, or as one would say in the traditional Greek language pitta, is the classic side dish that is served for lunch and dinner or whenever possible. Its origins can be traced back to Mesopotamia where a dough was prepared that was shaped like a low disc and pressed with a pocket to accommodate the most varied fillings. The most famous recipe, internationally, is the Pita gyros, a dish made up of strips of pork inundated with the traditional tzatziki sauce, salad, tomato, onion and French fries.

      Our recommendation: The Spitiko Naxos Grill
      Small restaurant at the entrance of the city of Naxos, home cooking and therefore with typical and authentic flavours. Low prices for abundant and tasty dishes…This is where you will find the best pita on the island!


      Although they are a traditional Greek dish, kolokithokeftedes originate in a country other than Greece and in fact the recipe for these meatballs originates in Turkey. The ingredients with which they are prepared, however, are the traditional ones of the Hellenic land: few, fresh and tasty. Accompanied by the famous tzatziki sauce, the meatballs rigorously fried and composed of feta cheese and zucchini, with the addition of parsley, mint and dill are excellent both as an appetiser and as a second course. In short, a very difficult name for a delicious dish.

      Our recommendation: Nicolas Grill Restaurant
      Excellent homemade cuisine in the centre of Naxos, typical Greek tavern with cheap prices and simple dishes. Very renowned and appreciated their kolokythokeftedes… Try it to believe!


      The name “souvlaki” has a somewhat controversial origin and we don’t know much about its origin… Nevertheless, it is perhaps the most famous dish in Greece and Naxos, known and appreciated probably because of its simplicity. It is precisely in its simplicity that hides the accuracy with which this dish is prepared: pork, chicken or lamb, are left to marinate in oil, lemon and spices and then stuck with skewers. They are cooked on charcoal and in a moment you will find yourself in the dish one of the most popular foods of all Greece.

      Our recommendation: Yasuvlaki!
      Classic local for tourists and very often crowded but definitely worth it! Its sea view location makes souvlaki even better, very low prices for an extremely varied and plentiful menu.


      Those who have been lucky enough to taste moussaka know that it is an unmissable dish of the Greek tradition although it is not at all “light” and therefore it is recommended for dinner after a long day at sea. Its origins are uncertain but there is no doubt that the name comes from Turkish and is, in turn, a transportation of an Arabic word. It is a fried, baked, made with layers of aubergines and potatoes, béchamel au gratin and minced meat sauce. Some legends circulating on the island of Naxos, say that moussaka is an extremely aphrodisiac dish… So, what better reason to try it?

      Our recommendation: Traditional Greek Tavern Giannoulis
      This is definitely the true Greek-style tavern in the centre of Naxos where you can have a wide choice of dishes to taste at reasonable prices. But it is undoubtedly the moussaka the dish to try!

      Platos tipicos griegos de la isla de Naxos

      traditional Greek lunch: salad with feta, souvlaki, olives and wine on the big table

      The Greek salad

      The Greek salad is the undisputed queen of the Hellenic tradition and in its original language Choriatiki literally means “peasant”. In fact, its origins are peasant and this was the meal that the workers in the countryside used to eat. Ripe tomatoes cut into large slices, cucumbers, green peppers, red onion, black olives and feta in abundance, but of course there is also vinegar, oil and lemon juice. As in all Greek recipes, there are many variations and no matter what the “original” is, the important thing is to taste at least once, maybe by the sea, this extraordinary nutritious, fresh and tasty dish.

      Our recommendation: To Elliniko
      Elegant and tidy place just outside the historic centre of Naxos, very affordable prices and uniquely traditional dishes. This is where the best Greek salad is prepared and their secret seems to be the cheese…it’s to try, don’t you think?

      These I have listed are without a doubt the 5 favourite dishes of tourists from all over the world but also of the inhabitants of Naxos and all over Greece.

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