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      Dubrovnik is a town in southern Croatia overlooking the Adriatic Sea and the largest city in the southern Dalmatia. Historically independent, Dubrovnik boasts a wealth of historical and cultural significance, which is recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

      Dubrovnik is undoubtedly one of the places to be discovered from a historical point of view as it is full of palaces, churches, monuments and roads overlooking the blue Adriatic Sea, but it is also a discovering ancient Ragusa from the mainland and especially from the "Old Town".

      Pile Door

      An obligatory step for anyone entering the old town of Dubrovnik, the Pile Gate has always been the gateway to the city. Here you can walk on the drawbridge, admire the famous statue of St. Blaise and make your triumphal entrance on the main street.

      Placa or Stradun

      The Placa, or commonly called Stradun, is the main street of Dubrovnik but also the oldest. In fact, it is famous for its white limestone flooring and surrounded by ancient buildings dating back to he 1600s. In a moment you will feel like you are diving into the past and touching first hand what we have read and admired only in history books until now. Walking here will be very relaxing: being an exclusively pedestrian street, you can choose to sit in one of the many outdoor cafes or shop in local shops and spend a few hours away from the smog and chaos of the city.

      Square of the Loggia

      The first point of arrival of the Stradun is undoubtedly Square of the Loggia. In fact, from the entrance of Porta Pile you can admire the famous Dubrovnik Clock Tower in the distance. It is the heart of the old town, the main point of reference of the old town, a meeting place for both locals and tourists. Here you can’t help but visit the different monuments: Palace Sponza, the Clock Tower, the Church of San Biagio, the minor fountain of Onofrio and the Gran Guardia Palace. For the lazy, a coffee or an aperitif will have a different taste than usual for a relaxing break within the imposing walls of these historic monuments.


      The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Dubrovnik is the main place of worship in the city. Originally in Romanesque style, after the earthquake of 1667 it was rebuilt in Baroque style. It is one of the most imposing and rich monuments of the city as it preserves the remains of the protector St. Blaise along with other martyrs, all collected in containers made by hand by goldsmiths and artisans and decorated with precious metals and stones.

      Old Port

      Dubrovnik’s Old Port is definitely the symbol of the city’s maritime power and is now considered the most romantic place in ancient Ragusa. My advice is to enjoy this area from sunset when the crowds of tourists disappear and everything is tinged with a magical atmosphere, made so also by the different restaurants overlooking the sea… And if you love good food you will also have at your disposal a restaurant awarded by the Michelin Guide. But that’s not all, Porto Vecchio is also an important tourist port on the sailing boats and large yachts that dock here to enjoy; the beautiful scenery and the Croatian sea.

      Island of Lokrum

      Right from the Old Port you can sail to the island of Lokrum, the iconic location of “The Iron Throne”. A protected nature reserve, it offers a botanical garden of rare essences, a natural history museum, a marine biology laboratory and a rich vegetation among which there is also an ancient Benedictine monastery. According to many, the island was cursed by some Benedictine monks when they were expelled from Lokrum by Napoleon and since then anyone claiming possession of the island for their own personal interest has died or fallen into ruin.

      If you don’t want to miss this natural wonder I suggest you to take advantage of one of our boat tours where you will not only have the opportunity to visit Lokrum, swim and snorkel but you will also be able to admire other fascinating places not far from Dubrovnik. You absolutely cannot miss this show!

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