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itinerary from the old town to the beaches

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      This time I will take you to discover one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, in the province of Palermo. Located at the foot of a rocky promontory stands Cefalù, which thanks to its extraordinary beauty does not need many presentations… it’s one of those cities that has made of history, art and the sea its flag, which, even today, retains its ancient appearance typically medieval. A sunny seaside town where history flows fast through its alleys, where ancient and modern events are intertwined. In fact, that during the summer season the Sicilian town is taken by storm by many tourists, not only Italians but also foreigners, who fill its squares and its main streets.

      The historical centre of Cefalù

      Our tour begins with a tour of Cefalu’s historic centre, in search of its majestic Duomo, which dominates the entire town. Everything develops around the Cathedral of Cefalù , which in 2015 was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the most representative monuments of Arab-Norman art in Sicily. Jealously guarded within a megalithic wall, dating back to the fifth century B.C., still remains much of its original structure. Continue your visit by continuing on Via Mandralisca where you will find the museum of the same name, where you can find the historical collections of Baron Enrico Piraino di Mandralisca (entrance fee € 5). The museum is famous because inside there is the famous portrait “Portrait of a man” by Antonello da Messina, a true masterpiece, which I invite everyone to go and see. And again, not far from the museum in the narrow streets of the town of Palermo, a few meters below street level, discover a precious hidden corner: the medieval wash house, a concrete and still intact symbol of the history of the fishing village of Cefalù. Especially in summer, enjoy its cool atmosphere while sitting in the shade on its “snail” steps, before resuming your tour… a lovely place to admire and take great photos.

      Of the 4 original gates (Porta terra, Porta Ossuna, Porta Marina and Porta Giudecca) of the city, during your walk, you will find the last one left: Porta Marina. One of the most interesting features of the town of Cefalù, is a real tourist attraction: an arch overlooking the sea, the perfect place to exchange a romantic kiss with your sweet half. Finally, particularly characteristic is the fishing village, with the old houses facing the sea. Cefalù offers tourists a series of fascinating points of interest to discover and a beach more beautiful than the other, to enjoy a well-deserved holiday by the sea of Sicily.

      The most beautiful beaches of Cefalù and surroundings

      Cefalù is very attached to its sea and you can sense it from its salty scent, from the boats lying aground in the old harbour, from the fishermen’s houses and from the streets that suddenly end on the cliff. Thanks to its wonderful sea, the beaches of Cefalù have been an important part of the fortune of this Sicilian resort. If you want to relax, have fun and enjoy the beautiful seascape away from the usual routine, you’re in the right place, discovering a series of incredibly beautiful and characteristic beaches. From the fine sands to the jagged rocks, from the gravelly shores to the crystal clear waters, the beaches of Cefalù are among the most beautiful in Sicily. In 2018 Cefalù was awarded the Green Flag for its beaches, most of which are accessible to all, child-friendly or disabled-friendly. But now let’s see what are the main beaches of this enchanting place.

      Lido of Cefalù

      Among the beaches that attract the most tourists we have the Lido of Cefalù, because of its clear waters and wide golden beach where the nightlife of Cefalù is unleashed at sunset. It is a coastline easily accessible from the city centre, one and a half kilometres long. The scenery is exceptional with the view of the fort, the cathedral, the old port. Very suitable for families with children, also thanks to the facilities, made available to swimmers, which open from May to October.

      Caldura Beach

      Discover another piece of paradise, about 20 minutes from the centre of Cefalù, with a completely different scenery… I’m talking about Caldura Beach. A pebble beach surrounded by green trees and jagged rocks, where the characteristic brown rocks emerging from the water are the perfect springboard from which to dive into deep blue of its clear waters.

      Salinelle’s Beach

      If you are looking for the perfect place to spend a day at the seaside in safety and tranquillity, whether with your group of friends or with your children… well then you are the right place. In Lascari, you will find the Salinelle’s Beach, characterised by its clear sea and sandy bottom, low near the shore and then deeper, this beach is the perfect destination even for those who decide to stay in Cefalù and go to discover the surroundings. Recommended especially for those who appreciated less touristy and crowded areas… but there is plenty of fun, in fact thanks to its particular exposure to the wind, on the beach you can practice windsurfing, kitesurfing and many other water activities such as landing with paragliding in tandem.

      Cape Playa

      A few kilometres from Salinelle, the wide beach of Cape Playa is an exclusive attraction for surfing and sailing enthusiasts: the constant winds blowing on the clear blue waters create a dream scenery along with the sandy and pebble beach.

      Pollina Beach

      For those who love fun, Pollina Beach is the ideal choice for a day of leisure… about 11 kilometres from the historic centre of Cefalù, it is a sandy and fine pebble beach, loved for its clear sea and its suggestive location. Particularly crowded in July and August, the beach is the favourite place for young locals, who often organise many parties with music and bonfires.

      Beach of Mazzaforno

      Last but not least, about 3 kilometres from Cefalù, we find the beach of Mazzaforno… a small bay made up of coves and beaches alternating, surrounded by a thick vegetation. Surrounded by the transparent sea, the main beach is equipped with private beaches close to villages and hotels and, due to its conformation, is also suitable for families with small children. While the second beach, more difficult to reach, is completely free, therefore less frequented, recommended for adult swimmers since access to the sea is more difficult. Although reachable by car, the last stretch includes a stone path to walk to the main beach of the bay.

      Once you have explored Cefalù and its surroundings by land, if the wonderful sights are not enough for you, you can always take advantage of the well-organised boat tours that will allow you to visit the coast in complete comfort or even reach other nearby areas such as, for example, the island of Favignana, part of the archipelago of the Egadi Islands.

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      Coming from Southern Italy, I cannot help but love the sea and, more generally, everything about travels and new places to discover. My perfect day? A beach, at sunset, in good company, with a nice bottle of wine!


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