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aperitif, dinner and movida on the most glamorous island of the Gulf

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      The island of Capri is located in the Gulf of Naples, a few miles from Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, easily reachable by hydrofoil or private boat. A destination coveted by millions of tourists who choose it to spend their holidays. The magical Capri, whether by day or by night, never ceases to amaze… For once, you might consider experiencing this beautiful island from a different perspective by reaching it in the afternoon. For example, choosing one of our organised boat tours can be a valid alternative to the classic morning departures, if you really want to live a different experience.

      The advantage of living Capri at night will allow you to enjoy its magical atmosphere, when the crowds of tourists leave the island and it is coloured by the nuances of the sunset.

      Arrival to Capri

      Once you arrive at the marina, you can stop for dinner at one of the restaurants in Marina Grande, or head up to the Piazzetta. Remember that the last ride of the funicular is at 21:30, but it will not be a problem for your return to the port because you can use the shuttles or taxis that leave from the centre, or if you prefer you can walk through the characteristic alleys of the island. Capri is not just sea, beaches and nature walks…what attracts of the Blue Island is definitely its nightlife. Especially in summer, it offers many alternatives to young people and adults on how to spend their evening.

      Aperitif, terraces and clubs in Capri

      It all starts with the aperitif in the Piazzetta, considered a must of the Capri holiday, even those who have never been there know it… At reasonable costs (€10-15 per drink) stop for a pit-stop in the various bars in the city centre, in the company of friends or couples, a moment to meet and get noticed anticipating a dinner or an evening at the disco. There are many places to choose from in order to enjoy a good aperitif; those who love to sip a drink with a view can find one of the exclusive rooftops, admiring the moment of sunset from above with a breathing view of indescribable beauty. If you fancy having a VIP aperitif on one of Capri’s most popular terraces, you could head to the Quisisana or the Capri Rooftop... in line with the location, prices vary depending on your choice, from €6,00 for a coffee to around €20 for a drink, but don’t worry, the breathtaking view will take your eyes off the menu. Rest assured that if you ask a person from Capri where to have an aperitif at sunset, their answer will be: at the Punta Carena Lighthouse. Well, yes, although a much simpler and less central location, for locals it is the ideal place to quietly appreciate this wonderful moment.

      Dinner, the best restaurants in Capri

      While it’s true that the exclusive island is known for the luxury shopping along Via Camerelle, the breathtaking views, the characteristic Piazzetta and the iconic Faraglioni rocks, a symbol of the resort, no less important is the good food. Although Capri is an international tourist destination, you’ll find excellent and refined Italian cuisine, with no less than 5 Michelin stars. For lovers of haute cuisine and gourmet experiences, here’s where you can sample the cuisine of starred chefs and the latest trends in dining on the island of Capri: Da Mammà, Aurora, L’Olivo, Monzu Capri and Il Riccio. Eating in Capri without spending too much may seem like a utopia, but in reality it is possible to savour the traditions of the Campania region even in places which are more accessible to everyone without spending too much. Here are some of the places where the island’s locals hang out and which are less formal and more suited to your needs…Starting with the best Caprese sandwich on the island, prepared by Aldo’s delicatessen in Marina Grande, then on to the fry shops and pizzerias and finally to the welcoming terrace at Verginiello, where, for just over € 30,00, you can enjoy a full menu of typical fish dishes or try Capri’s famous ravioli.

      Movida, the best clubs and discos in Capri

      As for the Capri nightlife, we can not fail to mention the location par excellence, the famous Taverna Anema e Core, considered the most VIP in Italy, located along the busiest street of Capri, in the centre. For more than 20 years it has been the symbol of fun and known all over the world. The host Guido Lembo, to the sound of traditional music from Campania and Italy, continues to attract holidaymakers and especially internationally renowned personalities from the world of music, sports and entertainment…such as Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Laura Pausini, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, Fabio Cannavaro and many more…In short, a clearly selected environment, in fact if you decide to spend your evening in the famous Capri tavern you need to book.

      Ending the evening by heading back to the port of Marina Grande is the best way to end your Capri experience. At dawn the island awakens with the return of the fishermen from the fishing expeditions and the passing of the people who come and go from Capri stop for breakfast, comfortably seated at a table in one of the island’s bars, where you’ll be able to enjoy a moment of absolute tranquillity, sipping a good coffee or cappuccino accompanied by a warm sfogliatella or slice of caprese cake. On the beloved island of the Gulf of Naples, evening and night are the best time to have fun. This brief excursus will provide you with some suggestions on what to do on Capri by night…whatever your idea of fun, if you love evenings that end at sunrise, Capri is the right destination for you!

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