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Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands, and one of the most environmentally sustainable cities in the world. With its use of bicycles instead of cars, high recycling rates, many green spaces and ethical, eco-friendly restaurants, it's the perfect place to live and eat responsibly. Green cities strive in all areas to reduce their environmental impact and encourage citizens and visitors to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, just as this Dutch city aims to become the cleanest and most eco-friendly in the world.

Sustainable tourism is the tourism promoted by those who commit themselves to use a particular attention to the relationship between tourism and nature, so that this relationship respects the environment and nature itself. It is a tourism capable of meeting the needs of today’s travellers but above all it is a tourism that looks to the future, made of practises and choices which protect the environment and foster sustainable economic development, safeguard local social processes and ensure that local communities benefit and not fall victim to tourism development.

Adopting a lifestyle, aware of the impact it can have on the ecosystem and everything around us, can be a first step towards solving the problem. There are many small gestures that make the difference: for example, minimising water and energy waste when we are at home, or choosing to cycle rather than drive a car, avoiding disposable plastic and much more. It doesn’t really matter if we are at home or halfway around the world: we can all make the world a better place, even on vacation. In this guide, I have therefore collected some tips to put into practice for sustainable tourism.


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