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Gran Canaria is the third largest and second most populated island of the Canary archipelago. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - the capital - is among the largest cities and metropolitan areas of the Canary Islands, and one of the ten largest metropolitan areas in Spain. In addition to a considerable number of beaches, it is famous for its rocky reliefs and expanses of green that attract travelers in search of excursions and trekking lovers. Thanks to the landscapes that look different in every corner and its 300 days of sunshine per year, tourism in Gran Canaria remains continuously in activity, without being restricted to on certain periods.

Always defined as a romantic city par excellence, Venice welcomes you to its lagoon to discover its extraordinary architecture. Built directly on the water, instead streets, we find its characteristic canals and bridges that historically connect the different neighborhoods (in italian called Sestieri) of the city. Once you arrive in Venice you cannot miss the experience of the coveted gondola tour… a charming way to relax while enjoying the colours, lights and monuments of the city. The gondola is synonymous with Venice, a bit like pizza in Naples, but few people know that the gondola really carries the symbol of the city, an undisputed protagonist as emblematic as it is mysterious in its origins.

This time I will take you to discover one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, in the province of Palermo. Located at the foot of a rocky promontory stands Cefalù, which thanks to its extraordinary beauty does not need many presentations… it’s one of those cities that has made of history, art and the sea its flag, which, even today, retains its ancient appearance typically medieval. A sunny seaside town where history flows fast through its alleys, where ancient and modern events are intertwined. In fact, that during the summer season the Sicilian town is taken by storm by many tourists, not only Italians but also foreigners, who fill its squares and its main streets.

Dubrovnik is a town in southern Croatia overlooking the Adriatic Sea and the largest city in the southern Dalmatia. Historically independent, Dubrovnik boasts a wealth of historical and cultural significance, which is recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


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